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Warner bringing LEGO Battles to DS

Build and fight and merge sets.

Warner Bros. and TT Games are teaming up to create a very classical LEGO experience for DS: LEGO Battles. And we're told to expect it this summer.

The game involves building bases and commanding armies formed from any of the fondly-remembered LEGO themes: space, pirates, castle and more. Plus, these can be mixed and matched, meaning dragons fighting ninjas, pirate ships tackling spaceships, and wizards squaring up to aliens.

TT Games - responsible for LEGO Star Wars/Batman/Indiana Jones - will produce rather than develop. That responsibility falls to Hellbent Games, which crammed Supreme Commander onto Xbox 360 last year.

LEGO Battles will have six storylines to uncover and over 70 levels to trample through, on top of DS multi-card support for a spot of multiplayer.

Pirates and ninjas fighting on the same side? What rot.

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