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Warframe bug lets players run around in space

Houston, we have a problem.

If you're a new Warframe player and fancy a little game-breaking fun, head on over to your nearest Archwing mission to experience a spacewalk like no other.

Warframe fans have discovered a bug in the PC version which allows players to fly through space without the need for a spaceship. As reported by Reddit user Kesu_, the bug works for players who have not yet built an Archwing - the flying vehicle you're supposed to use for these missions. It also appears to occur in any Archwing mission, and allows under-levelled players to access the (normally restricted) areas.

Thankfully, as a bit of a beginner myself, I haven't yet acquired the Archwing - thus allowing me to capture some footage of the bug. You can thank me for being a noob.

As I discovered when testing the issue, players can run around freely but without any of the Archwing's zippiness - making space travel a bit of a slog. It's also incredibly difficult to change altitude: for the most part, players seem to run along an invisible floor, although I did have some luck at descending when I tried to slide while facing downwards. You still have your usual collection of weapons and abilities, and can even shoot down enemy ships - but the movement issues make it somewhat difficult to actually complete a mission.

It's probably only a matter of time before Digital Extremes issues a hotfix to remove the Archwing mission bug, so if you want to feel like a supernatural being, I'd recommend giving it a whirl sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I'm going to go lie down - I'm feeling a little spaced out.

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