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War of the Worlds release date

Stylish platformer due on XBLA this month.

The eye-catching new 2D platformer based on H G Wells' sci-fi classic The War of the Worlds is up for purchase on Xbox Live Arcade from 26th October.

The game, which has a tempting whiff of seminal '90s jumpers like Another World and Flashback about it, is developed by Other Ocean - the same team responsible for the fun DSiWare Dark Void de-make, the recent Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection and the PSN conversion of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

The game's story roughly follows that of Wells' original tale, but introduces a new story arc, characters, locations and sub-plots.

"As a developer, we are extremely fortunate to have access to this beloved franchise," commented Other Ocean chief Mike Mika.

"The team and I are huge fans of the original rotoscoped cinematic platformers of early PC gaming. This is a dream project for everyone on the team. Having the ability to approach the game in a completely retro way and pay homage to one of our favorite periods in gaming is more than we could ask for."

It's also due out on PlayStation Network, though no date has yet been published for Sony patrons.

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The War of the Worlds

PS3, Xbox 360

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