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WAR claims 750,000 people

Mythic MMO attendance climbing.

Mythic has said more than 750,000 people have registered accounts for Warhammer Online.

Actual subscription figures won't be known until people begin paying to play, when their 30-day free trial runs out. That should be around next weekend.

The bulk of those registering accounts seem to be heading to the Destruction faction, as early indications suggested.

But Mythic, as promised, is looking to rectify the unfair population imbalance. Starting today, 13 servers will apply 20 per cent bonuses to Order characters gaining both experience and renown.

A list of those servers can be found on the European WAR site.

Warhammer Online launched for PC on 18th September, and earned 8/10 from Eurogamer MMO.

Head over to our Warhammer Online review to find out why. Alternatively, head to our Warhammer Online gamepage for a series of guides on how to get started.

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