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Shooty Fruity will squeeze out in time for Christmas

One in a melon.

VR splatfest Shooty Fruity is coming to PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on 19th December.

Shooty Fruity challenges players to complete day-to-day supermarket shifts, while fending off mutant fruit with a large arsenal of weapons including grenades, C4 launchers, shotguns and revolvers. Players can purchase new weapons in the staff room, as well as customise and test their load out.

Some of the jobs players undertake include serving in the canteen and scanning items at the checkout - but the imminent fruit attack makes things a little more complicated.

Eurogamer's Vic Hood (hello!) previewed the manic VR title back in August (that's me), finding it frustratingly challenging but fun - one for the whole family to argue about over the holiday season.

Shooty Fruity will flash up as £15.99 at the checkout. Those who pre-order the game or buy it over Christmas get a few extra bits including an Explody Bear grenade and a Golden Guns skin pack.

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Shooty Fruity


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