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Vote Obama ads appear in EA games

McCain not so keen on the whole idea.

Adverts promoting American presidential candidate Barack Obama have appeared in Burnout Paradise and a reported eight other EA games.

The in-game campaign posters were spotted in the Criterion racer last week. They were put there by Microsoft-owned ad company Massive, according to The Seattle Times.

As such, the adverts appear only in Xbox 360 versions of Burnout Paradise, Madden 09, NASCAR 09, NBA Live 08, Need for Speed Carbon, Need for Speed ProStreet, NFL On Tour, NHL 09 and Skate.

Each game must also be connected to Xbox Live from one of 10 states in North America for the adverts to be viewed.

Massive apparently approached both Barack Obama and rival presidential hopeful John McCain about running in-game campaigns. The latter declined. Perhaps he was busy making chips.

The US presidential election will take place on 4th November this year.

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