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Video: The journey of a cosplayer

Meet Laura Sindall as she prepares for EGX London.

Cosplay - costume play - is an increasingly important and visible part of video game shows. The costumes add colour and pageantry, a sense of occasion. They're a celebration of the game characters people dress themselves as.

But what do you think about cosplayers? They aren't a rare sight anymore, a hired hand to help promote a game. They're a community I admit I don't know much about. Who are these people and what compels them? And how hard are those costumes to make?

I decided to find out by following a prominent UK cosplayer, Laura Sindall, as she prepared a costume for EGX London, a show organised by Eurogamer's parent company Gamer Network.

Her journey I've broken into three episodes, the first of which - an introduction of sorts - is below. The second episode, which tours the Artem studio - a special effects (and gruesome props) house she works at - will be published some time next week; and the third and final episode - Laura Sindall and cosplay at EGX London - will appear shortly after that show (give us a chance, we're only human).

I hope you enjoy it and excuse my hair!

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