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Video: Let's Play War of the Vikings

Loki Loki.

Dead again. No it's not the Souls series responsible but other players in War of the Vikings - a period multiplayer melee that seems serious on the outside but is all awkward slapstick decapitations on the inside.

It's made by FatShark, developer of War of the Roses, and follows on in the same tone, although this time it's themed around Vikings rather than knights, as in War of the Roses.

You hold the left mouse button to charge your attack and then drag the mouse left, right, up or down to perform a corresponding attack, and you can parry with the right mouse button in much the same way.

It sounds simple but it isn't, and results in a wonderful blend of Benny Hill, Monty Python and QWOP action.

I cut together the best bits of an hour getting to grips with the game, and talked Christian Donlan through them. You can also check out our War of the Vikings review.

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War of the Vikings


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