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Video: Are we sure Batman isn't killing people in Arkham Knight?

They're all just sleeping, right?

Batman, as we all know, has sworn an oath not to kill people. But what you don't know can't hurt you, apparently, as the world's greatest detective seems to not understand basic concepts like the fact that people aren't indestructible robots. We can't all afford state of the art pectoral armour like you, Bruce!

According to the Dark Knight, slamming into people at top speed in a suped up military tank might kill them, but slamming into people at top speed in a suped up military tank that electrocutes them first is somehow okay.

Batman also has no qualms about repeatedly running folks over with his ostentateous automobile several times while they fail to react in any way, shape, or form. Um, Brucey, that's not what people who are alive do.

Let Aoife guide us through Gotham's most deluded daredevil's murderous mayhem in the video below.

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