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Portal 2's Chell nearly married a turret

Still Alive inspired by God Hand's end credits.

At some point in Portal 2's development protagonist Chell was slated to marry a turret, Valve announced during a panel at PAX Prime.

As reported by GameInformer, Valve writer Erik Wolpaw explained that Chell was set to find a tribe of abandoned turrets ruled by the colossal Animal Turret King. It would marry off one of its turrets to Chell after she helped the civilization. The bride turret - which Valve had gone so far as to construct - would then follow Chell around in the same manner as Watson in Sherlock Holmes Nemesis, as made famous by the clip below.

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Elsewhere in the panel, Wolpaw said his inspiration behind the song in the end credits of Portral was God Hand, which concluded with a spectacular musical number during its credits. I mention this only so I have an excuse to show this amazing video:

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