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Valve-licensed Portal 2 mod doesn't use the portal gun

Aperture Tag is now on sale.

It's no secret that when Valve initially conceived of Portal 2 it didn't have portals. Or at least it didn't have a portal gun. Now, Valve superfans have created their own modded campaign that follows in the footsteps of Valve's bold, yet scrapped, creative exercise with Aperture Tag.

Get ready to think without portals.

While this new campaign wasn't created by Valve, it was given the developer's official seal of approval, so it can be sold for profit. That's just what it's doing on Steam where it launched today for PC and Mac.

How does a Portal game work without portals, you ask? Well based on the trailer, it looks like there are still portals, but you don't get to place them. Instead, you're limited to goo guns, utilising Portal 2's most distinct mechanical add-on since its predecessor. In fact, the Aperture Tag mod gets its name from a student game called Tag, which introduced the goo mechanics that would later be used in Portal 2 when Valve decided to hire the pupils who made it.

Aperture Tag is more than just new puzzle rooms, too. It has a 27 stage campaign with a new character, story, voice-acting, and a level editor that can be used to make both single-player and co-op stages.

Yes, Aperture Tag includes co-op support, but by the developer's own admission this feature is buggy. "The current state of co-op is that it's playable, and its fun, but it is not as polished as I would have wanted," said developer Motanum on its Steam Community page. "There is bug which makes it so that sometimes your paint gun works and other times it wont work properly, and it seems to be completely random, so when playing Workshop co-op maps, you may need to click multiple times until you get your gel. I will keep on trying to solve this issue, but rest assured, the co-op area of the game is still playable."

Usually Aperture Tag will cost £4.99, but it's on sale for 33 per cent off until 22nd July, so it's now only £3.49.

For a better idea of what a Portal game without a portal gun looks like, check out Aperture Tag's trailer below.

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