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Valheim's first major update, Hearth & Home, out 16th September

Here's a cinematic trailer.

Valheim's first major update comes out 16th September.

Publisher Coffee Stain Publishing and developer Iron Gate Studio confirmed the date for Valheim Hearth & Home, and released a new cinematic animated trailer, below, during Gamescom Opening Night Live.

The hugely successful open-world co-op survival game gets a raft of new content with this update.

As you'd expect from its title, one of the themes of the update is food. It also enhances the core base building and survival mechanics, Iron Gate Studio said.

As already revealed, the update adds new cooking extensions to introduce spice racks, butcher tables and pots and pans.

There's a reworked food system, too, that adds new recipes and has an improved health and stamina system.

Iron Gate Studio said the new food system will have a big impact on the core combat experience. Speaking of combat, there are more changes to shields and blocking mechanics.

Expect loads of new build pieces, including a treasure chest for Vikings to store their gold, brand new window hatches and darkwood materials.

Valheim, initially developed by just five people, is a monster hit on Steam, where it launched in early access form in February. Since then, it's sold over 8m copies, hitting a peak of over 500,000 concurrent players.

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