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Vaizey on PSN hack: "It's a huge issue"

Security "has to be number one priority."

Ed Vaizey, minister for culture, communications and creative industries, has declared the PlayStation Network hack that has rocked Sony a "huge issue", and called on the console manufacturer and other companies to prioritise data protection.

Independent watchdog the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is in contact with Sony to determine whether it was in breach of the Data Protection Act. If Sony is found to have acted improperly, it could be fined up to half a million pounds.

"I know the Information Commissioner has been in touch with Sony to talk about the implications of what's happened," Vaizey told Eurogamer at a press event for SEGA-owned UK developer Creative Assembly this morning.

"It's obviously a huge issue. Sony didn't want to be hacked or have people's data stolen, but clearly as more and more companies move their products online and more and more people have to give their personal details in order to access those products, data protection and security is going to have to be one of their number one priorities."

Vaizey was unable to confirm whether Sony is set to be slapped with a fine, but did promise not to interfere in ICO's investigation.

"You'll have to ask the Information Commissioner about that, but he's in discussions with them about what's happened and we'll see how it develops.

"We would not interfere."

Eurogamer has contacted ICO for comment.

PSN has been down since 20th April following the hack that's seen 100 million accounts compromised.

Gamers' names, addresses and PSN passwords have been stolen. Credit card details have also been compromised, although Sony is unsure whether they have also been stolen.

Sony has suffered accusations that it did not properly protect PSN user information.

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