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US/Japan-only PSone games for PSN

Sony asks for suggestions.

A selection of PSone games that have until now never seen release outside of Japan or the US are being prepared for a European PSN release, Sony has announced.

A post on the PlayStation Blog wouldn't confirm exactly what titles are coming or when they'll be available, merely stating "there are a few that are already in process".

It asked users to make suggestions in the talkback thread, with Sony promising to approach the publishers of the most requested titles about a possible release.

When the games do launch, they'll be published "as is" with either English or Japanese language content where available.

All titles will run at 60 Hz and you'll need a 60 Hz display to play them properly.

The post offered a little more detail about the sort of games that the initiative will, and won't, cover:

"If a PAL version of a title has been unable to pass QA in SCEE, but the NTSC version is already available on the PlayStation Store in SCEA or SCEJ, we can look at publishing that version instead.

"We cannot simply take the US version and publish it immediately, as it has to be reprocessed for SCEE, but at least we know the title should already be relatively bug-free.

"Please note: This does not mean we can publish titles that have not legally cleared for release in SCEE territories as a result of expired licenses, etc."

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