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Uncharted likely to continue

"Pretty much" a sure thing.

The first game may only have come out today, but Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells says that Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is bound to continue in future.

Speaking to Three Speech readers, Wells said: "We developed Uncharted as a franchise. The pulp action/adventure genre lends itself perfectly to serialisation and continued episodes, which is one of the reasons we were attracted to it." Wells said the team was "brainstorming" the team's next project, "but even if we don't do an Uncharted sequel right away, you can pretty much count on us doing one in the near future."

Wells also reiterated what he told our readers in a recent LiveText interview; that "Jak & Daxter is a definite possibility some time in the future". Wells adds: "There is a lot of interest around the office in going back to that franchise and seeing what we could do with it using the Uncharted engine." Technology that, he said, is destined to be put to more use in whatever Naughty Dog gets up to going forward.

As for the first Uncharted, it's a mixture of Naughty Dog's trademark excellent platforming and Kill.switch-inspired cover-and-fire gunplay, bound up in an exciting action-adventure film style story that sees protagonist Nathan Drake following in the footsteps of Sir Francis Drake in an attempt to make some money. Check out our Uncharted: Drake's Fortune review for more reasons to take an interest.

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