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Ubisoft's unreleased, finished Wii U game revealed

It's a party game called Know Your Friends.

Last summer Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot noted that the publisher had a finished Wii U game just lying around, waiting to be released when the console's install base gets higher.

Well the sleuths at Unseen 64 have deduced on its Patreon backer-exclusive podcast that this project was a papercraft party game called Know Your Friends.

Developed by Ubisoft Paris, the studio behind Just Dance and Red Steel, Know Your Friends is a party/quiz game in which players must answer socially awkward questions about their friends, then guess other players' answers. A leaked video from NintendoWorldReport shows a section where players are asked to order themselves based on who is most likely to invite others out to eat.

The content gets more risqué from there. According the ESRB, one questions asks players what they "would accept doing in the name of love during a steamy night in?" Another tasks players with "choosing three objects for a sensual moment as a couple," and another asks "which part of the female anatomy do people look at first?"

Who would you be during a robot attack?

Other questions revolve around what one does to relieve stress, what sort of thing they do after drinking too much, and the validity of "using torture in difficult times." So pleasant dinner conversation then.

Each potential answer would be paired with an image and some of these depict condoms, whips, handcuffs and a man's bare buttocks. As you can see, the art style is rather Monty Python-esque with paper collages making up the avatars with blank faces where players can upload photos of themselves using the GamePad's camera.

Unseen 64 speculated that the game is still going to be released someday when the Wii U is more popular. "[It] has been done for six months. It's on the shelf, waiting for more families to have the console," Guillemot said last summer.

Sounds kind of weird for a family game, but okay. The ESRB rated it T (for teen), suggesting that it's not aiming to be a particularly adult-themed title.

What do you make of this peculiar project? Does it sound like a good drinking game or the spiritual successor to We Dare that no one asked for?

We've asked Ubisoft what Know Your Friends' current status is and will update should we find out more.

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