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Ubisoft slaps TBC on PS3 titles

GRAW2, Oblivion, Vegas, etc, still need dates.

Ubisoft's latest release schedule is showing all PlayStation 3 launch titles as TBC in Europe (TBC insofar as no one knows when the PS3 is actually launching in PAL territories as yet).

So, that's GRAW 2, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Blazing Angels, Oblivion and Rainbow Six Vegas that are still waiting for solid release dates.

While Ubisoft remained unavailable for comment at the time of writing, it echoes other publishers' uncertainty over the console's arrival.

Sony is expected to announce PAL PlayStation 3 release details this week, after which we can expect Ubisoft and the rest of the machine's release supporters - such as SEGA - to start confirming which titles will definitely ship with the console.

Other games expected to appear alongside Ubisoft's PlayStation 3 portfolio at launch include MotorStorm, Resistance: Fall of Man, Ridge Racer 7, Call of Duty 3 and Full Auto 2: Battlelines among others.

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