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Ubisoft delays Anno and secret game

An unannounced franchise, we're told.

Ubisoft has pushed its latest Anno game and a top secret franchise back to 2009/10.

"In view of the good first-half trends and the positive outlook for the third quarter, Ubisoft has decided that Anno as well as the as-yet unannounced franchise, which were previously scheduled to be released in 2008-09, will now bolster the line-up for 2009-10," reads a freshly-minted financial report from the publisher.

Anno 1404, to be precise, is the latest instalment in the acclaimed and very pretty settlement-building series where you build settlements. We've got a trailer of Anno 1404 to watch, but little else.

The unannounced franchise is, well, unannounced. Perhaps it's the Tom Clancy umbrella game that unites the ghosts, rainbows, HAWX and Rabbids?

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Anno 1404


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