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Ubisoft announces ZombiU exclusively for Wii U

UPDATE: First gameplay details, multiplayer confirmed.

UPDATE: First gameplay details from ZombiU have been revealed by Ubisoft. Players will use the Wii U GamePad as a survival kit, known as the "Bug Out Bag".

The bag is a backpack containing the maps, tools, weapons and supplies that you'll scavenge from the devastated cityscape. The Game Pad's touch screen, gyroscope and camera will also be used somehow.

ZombiU will also include "Zombie Master", a multiplayer mode that allows one player to spawn and control enemies using the Game Pad. A second player must then fight for survival on the big screen.

ORIGINAL STORY: Ubisoft has just announced ZombiU, a survival horror game exclusive for Wii U.

ZombiU, one of seven Wii U games from Ubisoft, will be a launch title for Nintendo's new hardware.

It's being developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, the studio behind From Dust and Beyond Good & Evil.

ZombiU is set in a zombie-infected London circa 2012. Humanity is in ruins, people's flesh is being eaten, it's all looking a bit grim.

A slow-motion teaser, aping the Dead Island reveal trailer, revealed the game with some gory new artwork. It was confirmed that ZombiU is the game that was last year shown as Killer Freaks From Outer Space.

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