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Ubi predicts King of Pop will do the biz

Michael Jackson to set tills ringing.

The dance videogame Michael Jackson: The Experience will sell a million copies, Ubisoft reckons.

"We feel that this title will definitely be a million-seller," UK MD Rob Cooper told trade mag MCV.

"We hope that it will be one of the bigger titles for this Christmas season. It's a unique game in its genre, allowing fans to step into the shoes of Michael Jackson."

Earlier this month Ubisoft's Murray Pannell told GamesIndustry.biz Ubisoft was "engaged" with Jackson and his family long before he died, and that the late King of Pop was "pro-actively" looking for a partner he felt could bring value.

Cooper added his thoughts on the deal.

"We were approached quite a long time ago by Michael Jackson himself to build this game as he really liked what Ubisoft had done in the past," he said.

"We're so excited with this opportunity and to be a part of the legacy that he has left. It is a real honour that his estate felt Ubisoft could produce a quality title which would bring his genius to a video game for so many to enjoy."

Eurogamer Moonwalked with Michael Jackson: The Experience, due out on the DS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Wii and Xbox 360 this Christmas, earlier this month and discovered that the Wii version will be more or less the same as Ubisoft's very popular Just Dance. The Xbox 360 version, though, uses Microsoft's motion-sensing add-on Kinect.

Ubisoft is going dance crazy this Christmas. Joining Michael Jackson: The Experience in the gaming congo is Dance on Broadway, which you've probably seen advertised on telly over the last week or so, My Fitness Coach: Dance Workout, and Just Dance 2.

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Michael Jackson: The Experience

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