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Two new Fallout: NV DLC packs coming?

UPDATE: Bethesda issues denial.

UPDATE False alarm everybody. A spokesperson for Bethesda just emailed us to say Play.tm's story was "incorrect". "We will be letting people know the plan for upcoming Fallout: New Vegas DLCs in the next couple of weeks," they promised.

ORIGINAL STORY: Two new DLC packs for Fallout: New Vegas are on their way, according to unnamed retail sources.

Play.tm's insiders claim that an add-on called Honest Hearts will launch on 22nd March simultaneously across all formats.

Following that, a pack called Old Bones will drop on 26th April, again on all formats.

It doesn't seem completely outside the realms of possibility. Back in January, possible DLC trademarks popped up for "Honest Hearts", "Lonesome Road" and "Old World Blues".

We've requested a confirmation or denial from the game's publisher ZeniMax and will update if it's forthcoming.

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