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Xbox adds Twitch streaming integration

Insiders can test it now.

A new update is coming to allow Xbox players to stream on Twitch directly from the Guide menu.

Xbox Insiders from the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring will be able to test a new system update with a couple of new features.

Insiders can now live stream by navigating to the "Capture and Share" tab of the menu and choosing "Live Streaming". Once a Twitch account is linked, the "Go live now" button can be selected to stream gameplay to Twitch.

Previously, Xbox owners needed to download the Twitch app to stream. Now the function has been integrated into the Xbox firmware.

The update also allows Insiders to play Xbox Series X/S titles on their Xbox One with cloud gaming.

It's currently unknown when non-Insiders will receive the update.

For more information on the update, visit the Insider release notes page.

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