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Twitch donates to Banner Saga 3 when you play free Banner Saga 1 & 2

Dredge fund.

I haven't seen this method of crowdfunding before: Twitch Prime is giving away The Banner Saga 1 and 2 to members for free, and for every person who downloads and plays either game via the Twitch Launcher, Twitch will donate $1 towards development of The Banner Saga 3.

The Banner Saga 3 is currently on Kickstarter and has comfortably surpassed its $200,000 crowdfunding goal, raising $314,000 with 11 days to go. The maximum Twitch will donate is $200,000.

Twitch Prime members who take part in this initiative will also get unspecified exclusive content in The Banner Saga 3.

A Twitch Prime membership is included with an Amazon Prime membership, and there are 30-day free trials available.

The Banner Saga games are a mix of stylish cartoon art, turn-based chess-like strategy and Choose Your Own Adventure. Steeped in Norse mythology, they follow journeying caravans of displaced people trying to outrun a relentless menace known collectively as the dredge. Many hard choices are made along the way.

"The Banner Saga offers a refreshing take on the tactical RPG with a story every bit as engaging as its combat," wrote Stace Harman in his review of The Banner Saga. "It is a beautiful game filled with ugly choices and tough consequences."

Chris Bratt, in his review of The Banner Saga 2, said: "This is a series, that still, to this day, justifies the existence of Kickstarter. It's beautiful and it's sad, and despite its stilted approach to turn-based combat, is undeniably worth your time."

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