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Twilight MMO in development

Unknown studio grabs huge teen licence.

A massively multiplayer game based on the hugely popular teen vampire novels and film, Twilight, is in development.

The licence appears to have been secured by an unheard-of developer called Brainjunk Studios, led by a programming student (also a US Navy vet and self-confessed "huge Twilight fan") Brandon Gardner .

Details on the game are rather sketchy at present. The official site describes it as a non-linear world that will present a chance to enjoy the events of the Twilight novels "from the perspectives of some of your most beloved characters".

A journal will also allow you to travel through time, experiencing events in the past or out of sequence. You'll create your own character and play in multiplayer as a human, vampire or werewolf.

In an interview with the Examiner quoted by Artuji, Gardner said the game would allow "the player to play, and experience the story from either [lead characters] Bella's or Edward's perspective", which doesn't seem entirely consistent with it being an MMO.

It all sounds rather improbable. We give this about as much chance as the Firefly MMO of ever seeing the light of day.

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