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Tron for XBLA

Birthday celebrations.

Disney Interactive has decided to celebrate 25 years of Tron by releasing the retro classic on Live Arcade.

Tron and Discs of Tron will be available to download this summer. Unfortunately we're still waiting to hear back about how much they'll cost.

In 1982 Disney released the first heavily CGI-influenced film, Tron. It starred a young Jeff Bridges as a computer programmer whose killer application was stolen from him. The thief soon goes on to mega-success and Bridges is forced scrape a living by running an arcade. But he won't rest until the truth is known.

It spawned an arcade machine that challenged players with progressing through a handful of mini-games related to the film: the light cycles, battle tanks, input/output tower, that sort of stuff. And apparently it made more money than the film. Says Wikipedia. Which knows everything, don't forget.

Discs of Tron followed a year later and put you up against the evil Sark, defender of the Master Control Program. You stood on a round platform made up of five discs and had to hurl energy charges at the nasty man. If you took too many hits yourself, however, you got "derezzed" - deaded.

There'll be all the usual Live Arcade polish lavishly applied to the games, like leaderboards, a funky background to enable higher resolutions, and, er, techno-tweaks. Retro-dazzle your mind in our Tron gallery.

We'll be doing a Eurogamer sleepover with popcorn and Tron to celebrate the 25 years of release. Will you come?

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Discs of Tron Live Arcade

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Xbox 360

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