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Traveller's Tales "exploring" LEGO Kinect

Would be "different" to traditional games.

UK developer Traveller's Tales is trying to work out how a motion controlled LEGO game would work.

Kinect and PlayStation Move are not supported by upcoming LEGO game Pirates of the Caribbean respectively.

But that doesn't mean the phenomenally successful LEGO series will avoid Microsoft and Sony's fancy motion technology forever.

"It's definitely something we're exploring," Traveller's Tales head of production Jonathan Smith told Eurogamer in a new interview.

"We're always excited by new developments and we're always looking at doing new things.

"It seems to us that a motion controlled LEGO game would be different to the LEGO games we're making at the moment, in the same way LEGO Rock Band was.

"Although it had mini-figure characters and shared some of the same structural characteristics and sense of humour, it was from a gameplay point of view very different to what else we've been doing, because that's how you play that kind of game.

"Those are the questions we're asking ourselves at the moment."

The LEGO series is one of UK game development's big success stories.

Traveller's Tales, as part of the wider TT Games group (owned by Warner Bros.), has give its LEGO treatment to Star Wars, Batman, Indiana Jones and Harry Potter over the years.

Now, with Pirates of the Caribbean, due out in May to coincide with the launch of the fourth film in Disney's series, it's expanded its release platforms further with a Nintendo 3DS version.

Brand new screenshots are below.

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Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game

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