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Total War: Warhammer's map editor is called Terry

Creative Assembly source says: "Terry as in 'terrain'. That's it."

Total War: Warhammer's map editor is called Terry.

I'm not sorry.

Developer Creative Assembly announced a large update for the strategy game's assembly kit and introduced battle map editing in the process.

As it did so, in a forum post on the Total War forum, the developer casually mentioned the map editor is called Terry.

"The map editor is called Terry and we're currently in beta with a full release slated for the end of the month," reads the post.

It goes on. Here's a list of Terry's features:

  • Land battle map editing for custom and multiplayer battle.
  • Full suite of environment models, props, SFX and VFX for map creation.
  • A.I. hints, deployment editing, no-go regions, terraforming, texture terrain painting, vegetation terrain painting and more.
  • Customizable layout and layering within the tools for easy organization and navigation.
  • Easy one click export that creates a .pack file for you map, allowing you to toggle it on and off in the Total War Launcher as you wish.
  • Live map transfer in multiplayer. Simply host a game with a custom map and other players will download it automatically without the need to subscribe on the workshop. The maps will be deleted after the battle (unless subscribed to in the workshop or manually placed in the game data folder).
  • Share maps via steam workshop and subscribe to your favourites. Having maps enabled will not affect your ability to join multiplayer games.

Creative Assembly said it'll have more information on how to make maps using Terry soon.

There were a few grumbles in the Total War tweaking community because there's no campaign map editing tool for Total War: Warhammer. Creative Assembly said it can't release it because "it doesn't exist".

"The way we build the campaign map at CA is through a series of processes involving a mix of tech we make and 3rd party tools we don't own the right to distribute, within a development version of the game," CA explained.

"This is the best way for us to create our games, and we don't use an all-in-one editor that you might be thinking of.

"While it is theoretically possible to create an editor like this, it wouldn't benefit our development process, would take us a long time and delay the next Total War releasing and would mean that we'd be making an editor and not a game, which is what we would much rather do."

So, why is the battle map editor called Terry?

"Terry as in 'terrain'. That's it. That's the whole reason," a Creative Assembly source told Eurogamer.

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