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Total War dev making Alien game

Creative Assembly can hear you scream.

Total War developer Creative Assembly is making a game based on the Alien franchise.

At a press event at Creative Assembly's Horsham, West Sussex base this morning the developer revealed it is hiring for the project, which it described as a "console core game".

Launch platforms are yet to be announced.

160 people currently work at CA in Horsham. While the studio won't reveal how many people are currently working on the Alien game, it did say it wants to staff up to 200 within a year.

Indeed development has already begun, although CA refused to divulge more information. The game will not be shown at the E3 trade show next month, either.

Gearbox's Aliens game, Colonial Marines, is entirely separate and not linked in any way to CA's effort.

SEGA last made use of its Alien license in February last year with first-person shooter Aliens vs. Predator.

Creative Assembly's last game was March 2011's Total War: Shogun 2, recipient of a 9/10 Eurogamer review score.

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Alien: Isolation

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