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Top-down horror adventure Darkwood is coming to Steam Early Access

Surreal spookfest due in "probably May".

Indie outfit Acid Wizard Studio's upcoming survival horror adventure Darkwood is "coming soon" to Steam Early Access.

The creepiest deku scrub ever.

The developer told Eurogamer that the game will arrive on Early Access in "probably May," but that it "couldn't confirm this 100 per cent." It also noted that it's "gonna try to support Mac and Linux from the start of Early Access, but it's likely that we will have to add that in a update further down the road."

Darkwood was a bit of a hit on Indiegogo last June where it surpassed its $40K goal with $57,323. I interviewed the developer about Darkwood last year and it looks like a tense mix of Don't Starve, Teleglitch, Silent Hill, Project Zomboid, The Binding of Isaac, and Twin Peaks. This may make it sound unoriginal, but like a Quentin Tarantino film, the inspirations are so plentiful that by taking little bits of each the end result winds up looking surprisingly distinct.

See how Darkwood's shaping up in its new Early Access trailer below.

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