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Thrillville 2 PC demo now

Build half a rollercoaster.

Developer Frontier has popped a new PC demo for Thrillville: Off the Rails onto the Internet.

It weighs in at a paltry 314MB, and you can get your candy-floss-riddled fingers on it by following directions from the official website.

Off the Rails is the sequel to the Theme Park-like fairground builder from late last year. This time you will be able to construct ridiculously over-the-top rides as well as enjoy all sorts of other nips, tucks and added content.

It will be available on PS2 and PSP again, but will also be joined by new 360, PC, Wii and DS versions.

Thrillville spent a little too much time focusing on simplistic mechanics and mini-games for our liking, but still managed to present a fun few hours of entertainment. Pop over to our Thrillville review to find out more.

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Thrillville: Off the Rails

Xbox 360, PS2, Nintendo Wii, PSP, PC, Nintendo DS

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