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THQ to show new fighting game at E3

"Melee combat" from "major developer".

THQ will reveal a new fighting game from a "major developer" at E3 this year, its core games boss Danny Bilson has told CVG.

"The fighting group is actually taking on the management of another game that we're going to announce at E3 that has a certain amount of melee combat in it but it's... we'll announce it at E3," Bilson said. "It's a major developer and you'll get exactly what I'm talking about when I'm able to talk about it."

He also said: "When we announce it you'll go, 'oh they're going with THQ, cool,'" suggesting that familiar names are going to be involved.

THQ currently dominates licensed wrestling and mixed martial arts games - Bilson was speaking at a preview event for the next UFC Undisputed.

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