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THQ talked to West and Zampella

Picked up other big names instead.

THQ bossman Danny Bilson has revealed he considered hiring Jason West and Vince Zampella after they were kicked out of Infinity Ward.

"I probably shouldn’t talk about that publicly, but Jason and Vince and I had a lot of very serious conversations during that time when they were 'shopping around'," Bilson told Industry Gamers.

However, West and Zampella ended up going to EA. Bilson said THQ signed some other big names instead - but their identities are yet to be revealed.

"The guys that we're going to announce are of that caliber coming our way... I'm about to leave this meeting to go greet one of these pieces of talent I’m suggesting and over the next six months you’re going to understand exactly what I was saying."

According to Bilson, the secret to THQ's success is owning IP - and he's got no interest in deals of the type struck up by the likes of Insomniac, Respawn and Bungie, where the developer retains ownership. "That is fantastic for them if they can get away with it. They can’t come here with that. And I don’t need them if that’s the deal, and they’re not a business I want to be in," he said.

"Wait till you see our announcements! You’re going to go, 'Oh my God.' And we’re going to own all that IP, and the talent that we’re bringing in is of that stature."

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