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This Psychonauts 2 video teaser shows exactly what happened to Ford Cruller at the end of the original game

It's a Cruller summer.

Double Fine has revealed what happened to Ford Cruller at the end of the original Psychonauts game.

While initially shared only with the game's crowdfunding Fig backers a month ago alongside the sequel's highly-anticipated release, the video is now available to all via the studio's website.

Yes, there are spoilers - so be wary if you've yet to play the first instalment - but as spotted by PCGN, the three minute teaser video explores what happened to ex-Psychonaut - and mentor - Cruller immediately after the credits on the first game rolled.

"While the Psychonauts fly off to rescue Grand Head Zanotto from the Rhombus of Ruin, Ford Cruller stays back at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp and spends a fleeting moment of clarity alone with his thoughts, and some old friends..." teases Double Fine in the YouTube description.

"Psychonauts 2 is, once again, a universe of damaged teachers and teaching environments, a space for thinking through dark thoughts with varying degrees of earnestness and absurdity," Edwin said when he reviewed Psychonauts 2 last month. "Its worlds are works of matchless invention, its characters a joy to exist alongside. I might have missed it first time round, but I'm glad that games like this are still being made."

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Psychonauts 2

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