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This is what Valve's VR headset currently looks like

Plus, how it might work with Dota 2.

Valve's VR headset as it is now.

Valve showed off its virtual reality headset recently at a get-together in Boston and attendees took a few pictures and wrote about how it's shaping up.

Reddit user jonomf published the image, right, that shows off Valve's latest design for its head mounted display unit, which has come on a long way since it was first revealed. Check out how it once looked in the picture below.

Jonomf reports that Valve have a Dota 2 VR experience "where you see the entire game arena sitting on a table in front of you and can bend down to inspect any piece of the action".

There's also a life-sized Dota 2 VR experience "where you're hanging out in a lane watching the heroes fight; they said it was very scary".

Whether this Dota 2 demo will ever be released is up in the air. Indeed it's a similar deal for Valve's headset - back in January Valve said it was working with VR headset pioneer Oculus to "drive PC VR forward" with Oculus Rift, and may not release its own device. That was before Facebook bought Oculus for $2bn, though.

Valve's VR headset as it was then.

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