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There's a Harry Potter mobile card battler on the horizon, but only for China right now


Harry Potter: Magic Awakening is a new mobile game from Warner Bros. and Chinese tech company, Netease - but for the moment it's only launching in China.

According to its website, Magic Awakening will be an RPG card game set a few years after the Second Wizarding War, and will see the player receiving their Hogwarts acceptance letter before starting their journey at the school.

"In the game, as the player grows, players can learn new spells, get to know more outstanding companions, and use their magic knowledge to design unique strategies and spell combinations," it reads.

Judging by the images posted on Twitter by games industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, Harry Potter: Magic Awakening will involve aspects of the original films and books, as well as from the spin-off Fantastic Beasts series.

The game already has a fancy web page where you can pre-register on iOS and Android (if you're in China), featuring some lovely art of Diagon Alley too.

We don't know when (or if) the game will be released in other countries, so watch this space for any updates.

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

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