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There's a bizarre Wii U controller designed to train surgeons

Costs £180, plus £11 for UK shipping.

A Wii U eShop developer plans to release what may be the most bizarre Wii Remote peripheral yet.

The Wii U laparoscopic controller is a specially-designed peripheral that holds two Wii Remotes and two Nunchuks.

Grendel Games developed the device to work with its adventure puzzle game Underground, using technology intended as a way of training doctors in laparoscopy, otherwise known as keyhole surgery.

How to assemble your laproscopic controller.

The studio also designed the educational Virtual Endosuite, software which actually lets you practice surgical scenarios. It's nothing like Surgeon Simulator.

Underground replicates the movements used when operating on a patient, with two mechanical arms on either side of the screen that allows players to interact with the environment.

In the game you play as Sw4nk, a robot butler who has to gather resources and then construct a safe path through hazardous areas for his owner to follow.

In doing so, Grendel has said that players are also being "subconsciously" trained in the skills that needed to operate via keyhole surgery - you're just doing it in a safe environment, and not armed with anything that could slice open anyone's spleen.

Watch a trailer below to see how it works.

The eShop game is already available in the UK, but will launch in North America next week, on 2nd April.

The laparoscopic controller will then be available to buy from the same date, via Grendel's website.

Priced at €250 (around £182, plus £11 for UK shipping), it's not an impulse purchase. But maybe you'll make the money back when you're a highly-trained surgeon?

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