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The Xbox Live regions not getting PayPal

Xbox 360 System Update rolling out now.

Today's Xbox Live System Update expands the number of countries that can use PayPal to buy content.

But not all European regions are included, revealed a list posted on the Major Nelson blog - the Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Hungary and Russia all miss out.

Further afield, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, India, Japan, South Africa, South Korea and Taiwan are also excluded.

The Xbox Live System Update rolls out today.

"We are rolling out the Xbox 360 System Update gradually to all Xbox Live users starting today and throughout the next couple weeks to ensure a high quality deployment," wote Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb.

"Just like any other update to our service, you will know you've received it when you turn on your Xbox 360 console, connect to Xbox Live and receive a notification to download the update. It's important to note that it may take a few days to make its way around the globe. Thanks for your patience if you don't get it right away!"

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