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The Witcher 3 - The Nilfgaardian Connection, Hendrik, Heatherton, key, secret compartment

Our Witcher 3 guide contains everything you need to know about tracking down Hendrick in Heatherton, and finding the hidden trapdoor.

This page covers The Nilfgaardian Connection, Hendrik, Heatherton, key, secret compartment. If you're looking for more assistance, our Witcher 3 walkthrough can help.

With your belongings back in your inventory, head across the courtyard and enter the palace hallway, following the direction of the objective marker. Before continuing, open your inventory and re-equip the Kaer Morhen armour, hunting boots, hunting trousers, hunting gauntlets, crossbow and your swords.

Now that you're properly prepared for the adventures ahead, examine the large double doors to bring up the fast travel map. Switch to the world map view, then zoom in on Velen - No Man's Land. You've only one fast travel option here at the moment, so select the Hanged Man's Tree to begin your search for Hendrik, the emperor's spy.

The Nilfgaardian Connection

Go to the Inn at the Crossroads

From the Hanged Man's Tree, make your way south-west, following the objective marker towards the distant village. Once you reach your destination (unlocking the fast travel sign in the process), dismount and enter the nearby inn.

Ask about the agent called Hendrik at the Inn at the Crossroads

Inside the tavern, start grilling its patrons on the whereabouts of your informant, Hendrick. Banter with the man and woman sitting at the table to your right, then speak to the innkeeper to uncover more information. When your drink is interrupted, tell the newcomers that you're a Witcher in order to continue undisturbed.

Finish talking to the innkeep about the agent called Hendrick

Once the pleasantries are over, locate the innkeeper nearby and resume your conversation. Work your way through the dialogue options to find out more about your target, then prepare for the journey to Heatherton. You can talk to the innkeeper again to learn about the Bloody Baron, or to peruse his wares if you're in the market for Gwent Cards, Alchemy ingredients or water. Once you're done, leave the tavern and get ready to ride once more.

Head to Heatherton

Look for the agent called Hendrick in the village of Heatherton

Heatherton lies some way to the west, so follow the objective marker across the marshy wasteland until you reach your unexpectedly desolate destination. Heatherton is teeming with rabid dogs, so dismount your steed and show them the sharp edge of your blade. Once peace is restored, speak to the survivor to learn of Hendrick's fate. When his story is over, begin exploring the area.

Find the agent called Hendrick

Look for the small, snow-covered shack marked on your mini-map and step inside. Examine the body on the ground and work through the options in order to search the corpse thoroughly. Once you've secured the agent's key, start investigating your immediate surroundings.

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Find the trapdoor in the agent's hut

Search the agent's hut using your Witcher Senses

Activate your Witcher Senses and locate the large rug on the ground in the next room. Examine it to reveal the trapdoor underneath, then use the key to open it. With the route forward clear, drop down into the darkness and begin exploring the cellar. Of particular interest is the illuminated candle on the nearby wall. Pull it to open a secret compartment to the rear of the room.

Examine the newly-revealed chest and read the various entries in the ledger that you find. When you're done, four new quests - Bloody Baron, Hunting a Witch, Pyres of Novigrad and Destination: Skellige - are added to your roster.

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