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The Witcher 3 - The Battle of Kaer Morhen, close the portals, fight the Wild Hunt

Our complete Witcher 3 walkthrough explains how to close all of the portals and destroy the Wild Hunt in The Battle of Kaer Morhen quest.

This page covers The Battle of Kaer Morhen, close the portals and fight the Wild Hunt. If you're looking for more assistance, our Witcher 3 walkthrough can help.

After your reunion, head across the courtyard and wind your way back towards the keep. Enter the tower and approach the objective marker to proceed. When everyone has reconvened, begin your pre-battle pep talk. Work your way through the dialogue options and, once you've formulated a plan, speak with Lambert to progress the battle.

The Battle of Kaer Morhen

Exit the keep and join Lambert when you're ready to face the Wild Hunt

With your preparations complete, it's time to deal with the Wild Hunt once and for all. Exit the keep and ready for battle.

Use dimeritium bombs or the Yrden Sign to close all the Hunt's portals in the woods around Kaer Morhen

Your first task is to close the Wild Hunt's portals, using either bombs or magic. As the battle begins, Triss' fire rains down from above, distracting the huntsmen, and you're temporarily invisible too. Cross over the river to the south and head along the path until you reach the location of the first portal, just off to the left. Be warned: although you're invisible, your enemies - particularly the hounds - can still hear and smell you, so proceed cautiously.

Close the portals

Approach the portal and toss a dimeritium bomb to close it. This will blow your magical cover, so immediately deal with the hounds and warriors in the area. They're not particularly durable, but their large numbers can easily overwhelm you if you're not careful.

Once they're all down your invisibility returns, so proceed to the next portal - as marked on your mini-map - and repeat the process. When the next troop is defeated and the portal is closed, head towards your final destination and repeat the task once more. Shortly into the final battle, the Wild Hunt regroups and their commander makes his presence known.

Run to Triss' aid on the battlements

When the action switches back to Ciri at the castle, tell Vesemir that you want to fight. Next, sprint toward Triss' location as marked on the mini-map, and use your new projectiles if required.

Defeat the warriors threatening Triss

Immediately on arrival, draw your sword and start hacking away at the Wild Hunt's warriors. Don't worry: there aren't too many to deal with and they pose very little threat.

Return to Kaer Morhen

Back in control of Geralt, gee-up Roach and race through the burning forest back towards Kaer Morhen. It's a short ride, but keep an eye on your mini-map so that you don't get lost.

Close the main gate

Back at the keep, dash across the courtyard and climb the incline to the right. Take a left when you reach the wooden platform, then a right at the end. From here, follow the upper wall all the way around - dodging the Wild Hunt's warriors as you go - until you reach the tower at the end. Yank the lever on the wall to proceed.

Help Lambert defeat the Hunt's warriors

Immediately drop off the wall onto the wooden platform directly ahead. Slip down into the courtyard and join Lambert in battle. Be warned that Lambert has a health bar during this sequence, so work quickly if you want to keep him alive.

Retreat to the middle courtyard

Quickly head in the direction of the main keep. Once you pass through the large stone archway into the middle courtyard, an explosion blocks the route back.

Defeat your opponents and retreat behind the main gate

Begin working your way through the courtyard towards the main keep and deal with any opponents that get in your way. Don't forget that you can use your Yrden Sign or dimeritium bombs to quickly close any portals that you encounter. Once the Wild Hunt's warriors are dead, approach the large wooden gates leading to the keep.

Get to Triss

With the doors locked, your next task is to reach Triss to the north-east. Descend the steps and sprint to her location, ignoring the warriors and hounds that dare to get in your way.

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Fight the Wild Hunt with Triss

Help Triss fight the Wild Hunt warriors

Once you reach Triss, prime your shield and knock back any health or attack-enhancing potions that you have to hand. Next, begin picking your way through the Wild Hunt's army. There are a fair number of enemies swarming around Triss, so stay on your toes, leaping into the fray to land a few well-aimed strikes and then dodging out to safety again. Defeat every enemy to proceed.

Defeat Caranthir's warriors

Next, back in Ciri's shoes, begin picking your way through Caranthir's soldiers in the immediate vicinity. Once they're dead, head toward the area highlighted on your mini-map and take down the next wave of opponents. Continue down to the lower courtyard and annihilate the next angry swarm of warriors.

Open the gate to Kaer Morhen's inner courtyard

When the coast is clear, approach the large wooden gates to the west and look for the wheel on the right nearby. Spin it to open the doors.

Use dimeritium bombs or the Yrden Sign to close the Hunt's portals and stop their attacks on Kaer Morhen

With the gate open, you resume control of Geralt once more. Your next task is to close the two portals in the area - using either dimeritium bombs or the Yrden Sign. The courtyard is absolutely swarming with warriors now but, thankfully, you don't need to fight them. Simply thunder toward either objective marker on your mini-map and close the portals you find in the area. Next, hurtle over to the other objective point and repeat the process. If you need more dimeritium bombs, you can loot Vesemir's stash on the way.

Help Triss fight the Wild Hunt by the main gate

With all four portals closed, return to the courtyard near the main gate. Once the cut-scene has ended, work your way through the remaining dialogue options to bring the battle to a close.

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