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The Witcher 3 - The Isle of Mists, Brothers in Arms, Ivo, Ferenc

As the finale of the game draws near, we show you how to complete the Isle of Mists, track down your allies and survive every fight.

This page covers The Isle of Mists, Brothers in Arms, Ivo and Ferenc. If you're looking for more assistance, our Witcher 3 walkthrough can help.

Your first task is to round up any allies who can help in your fight against the Wild Hunt. Four new primary quests have been added to your roster - Brothers in Arms: Novigrad, Brothers in Arms: Skellige, Brothers in Arms: Nilfgaard and Brothers in Arms: Velen - so activate each in turn and visit every name on the list. Note that there's a fast travel sign outside Kaer Morhen's entrance gate - use it once you're ready to begin.

The Isle of Mists

When you visit your friends, you'll have the option to complete their respective secondary quests if you haven't finished them already. In many cases, your allies won't return to Kaer Morhen unless their quests are complete, so you'll need to take time out to assist them if you want a full complement of comrades for the final battle.

Go to Skellige

Once you're ready to free Ciri and bring down the wrath of the Wild Hunt, fast travel to Skellige - Kaer Trolde Harbour, to be precise.

Find a boat

On your arrival, head west along the docks until you spot the lone boat out in the water. Work your way over then take the helm to proceed.

Make your journey to the Isle of Mists

Travel to the Isle of Mists

Sail west, passing between the rocks and out into the ocean. Keep to the right of the lighthouse as you near the rocks, and prepare for an attack.

As you continue towards the spires of the Isle of Mists, flying creatures will attempt to sink your boat. If they manage to latch onto its sides, leave the helm and deal with them quickly to ensure that your adventures don't end at the bottom of the ocean.

Once you finally reach the island, travel around it in an anti-clockwise direction until you spot the huge arch-like gap in the rocks. Head towards it and, as you near, you'll be warned that you're nearing the point-of-no-return. Create a manual save if you think you'll want to return to earlier parts of the game later, then confirm that you absolutely, definitely want to head to the Isle of Mists.

Follow the firefly

Begin sailing through the mist using the firefly as a guide. Deal with the creatures that attack and disembark when you reach dry land. Continue following the firefly along the nearby path and take care of the foglets that get in your way.

Check what's in the hut

Eventually, you'll reach a small wooden hut. Attempt to use the front door, then tell the building's inhabitants that you're looking for a woman with ashen hair. Ask how many people are inside, then inquire if there's anything you can do to help. Agree to look for the lost crew members, then get more details on the whereabouts of Ivo, Gaspard and Ferenc.

How to find Ivo

Look for Ivo in the cave

When the conversation is over, begin your search for Ivo. Head north and begin winding your way along the path. Deal with the harpies that attack from above, then continue onward until the road winds down to ground level. Next, head right towards the beach.

Make your way across the sand towards the highlighted area on your mini-map and turn your attention to the bilge hags patrolling the area. Avoid their vision-impairing projectiles and bring them down. Finally, approach the objective maker to locate Ivo on the rock above.

Look for Gaspard near the lighthouse

With Ivo sorted, head west along the waterfront toward the distant lighthouse. Enter the building and climb the ladders to the top. Speak with Gaspard and work your way through the dialogue options to proceed.

Bring Gaspard to the hut

With your sleepy charge in tow, begin the journey back to the wooden hut. Follow the objective marker to your destination and deal with any foglets that attack. Keep an eye on Gaspard as you venture through the mist and speak to him if he starts to fall asleep - you don't want to leave him behind. Once you reach your destination, Gaspard is safe.

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How to find Ferenc

Look for Ferenc along the coast

To locate Ferenc, head south-west away from the hut, travelling in the direction of the objective marker. Take care of the foglets that attack en route and prepare to deal with a gigantic fiend roaming close to your final destination. The creature is identical to the one your fought earlier on in the game but, unsurprisingly, much tougher - and capable of dealing some serious damage.

All the usual tactics apply, however - activate your shields and any enhancing potions, and aim to strike at the rear. Intermittently the fiend blankets the area in darkness, making it much harder to see your target. Be extra vigilant here to avoid an unexpected antler to the gut!

Once the creature is dead, examine Ferenc's body (at the marker on your mini-map) then return to the hut. When the dwarves finally emerge, ask what they're sorry about and head inside. Work your way through the dialogue options, then return to Kaer Morhen.

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