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The Witcher 3 - The Final Trial, Lambert's boat, Old Speartip, Circle of Elements, altar torches

How to find Lambert's boat, kill Old Speartip, then find the altar at the Circle of Elements in the next Witcher 3 quest, The Final Trial.

This page covers The Final Trial, Lambert's boat, Old Speartip, Circle of Elements and altar torches. If you're looking for more assistance, our Witcher 3 walkthrough can help.

As soon as you agree to start the quest, the world map automatically opens showing your next destination beyond the castle walls. Close it, then follow Lambert across the room and out into the evening air.

Keep close and head through the hole in the wall. Work your way down the mountainside and deal with the harpies when they strike. Once the coast is clear, continue along the path until you reach the lakeside hut.

The Final Trial

Find the boat

To proceed across the lake, you'll need to find Lambert's boat. Follow him across the small wooden bridge and through the marshland to the south-west. Once you reach the large yellow area marked on your mini-map, defeat the roaming drowners and the lone water hag. Next, speak with Lambert, board the boat, then seat yourself at the front to proceed.

Sail across the lake with Lambert

Lambert steers the boat through the fog now, so settle back and (optionally) suggest that you investigate the source of the screams.

Check where the boy's voice is coming from

If you choose to follow the screams, begin walking west. Once you reach the large circle marked on your mini-map, proceed along the waterfront until you find the boy. As soon as he vanishes, ready your sword and take down the horde of surprisingly tough foglets. With peace restored, speak with Lambert and return to the cave mouth.

Enter the cave

Head into the cave and begin working your way along the passage toward the objective marker. After the cut-scene, move further into the darkness and climb each ledge as you reach it. Pass under the makeshift bridge then locate the ledge to the east. Scramble up and begin working along the upper path to the right. Drop back down into the cavern at the end and continue up the incline leading to the north-west.

Once you climb over the next ledge, you'll spot a shape snoozing in shadows directly ahead. If you want to take on Old Speartip, approach him - otherwise carefully climb the ledge to the right.

Survive the fight with Old Speartip

Kill Old Speartip

If you decide to tackle Old Speartip, you shouldn't have too much trouble bringing him down. Stay clear of his long, gangly arms - as they can do a fair amount of damage - and watch for his powerful ground slam and charge moves. Circle around the pillar in the centre of the cavern during the fight if you need a moment to recharge your stamina, or if you want to get the drop on Old Speartip from behind.

Truthfully, though, Speartip isn't a whole lot different to the other large creatures that you've already fought so - as usual - stay nimble, shield up, use Thunderbolt for added attack power and strike from the rear. Once Speartip is down, speak with Lambert to proceed.

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Find the Circle of Elements

Leave the cave

Next, clamber up the nearby ledges and continue along passage until you emerge outside. Warn Lambert to be wary of the trolls in the area, then begin winding your way along the path to the left. Once the trolls make their presence known, tell them that you just want to get to the Circle.

Seek shelter in the tunnel

When the cut-scene ends, immediately make a run for it, moving along the path to the north-east. Slip inside the cave entrance to escape the wrath of the trolls.

Get past the blockage

To exit the cave, locate the small hole in the wall to the east and climb through it. Scramble up the ledge on the other side and approach the trolls in the clearing. When Lambert interrupts the conversation, tell him that you'll do the talking. Agree to leave your swords behind if you want to continue without a confrontation.

Get to the Circle of Elements

Proceed along the path in the direction of the objective marker and speak to Lambert once you reach the Circle of Elements.

Light the torches at the altar

Your next two tasks are easy: interact with the centre of the altar to place the box, then ignite the four black torches around the area. Speak with Lambert once more and, if you're ready to leave the mountain and return to the fortress, tell him so. This concludes the current quest.

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