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The Witcher 3 - Echoes of the Past, Missing Persons, In Wolf's Clothing

Our complete walkthrough for The Witcher 3 continues with a guide to finishing these three quests in the Skillige Isles region of the game.

This page covers Echoes of the Past, Missing Persons and In Wolf's Clothing. If you're looking for more assistance, our Witcher 3 walkthrough can help.

As the storm worsens, your first job is to find a way out of the castle. Make your way along the battlements and climb the large wooden staircase to the right. At the top, pass through the doorway leading back indoors. There are plenty of goodies to be found inside the castle but, for now, cross the room and head up the steps to the north.

Echoes of the Past

Follow the corridor along and take the first passage to the right. This leads to the castle entrance and takes you back outside. From here, simply follow the objective marker across the island until you reach your next destination.

At the druid camp, speak to Yennefer to continue. Find out why she's squabbling with the druid and attempt to learn more about the mask you 'liberated' back at the castle.

Talk to Yennefer

Once the conversation comes to a close, ditch your formal gear and re-equip your best armour. Next, make your way down the nearby path and locate Yennefer in the woods nearby.

There's quite the light show happening in her vicinity, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding her. Defeat the foglets, then speak with Yennefer. Work you way through the dialogue options to take possession of the mask.

Using the Mask of Oruburus

Follow Yennefer

To learn more about Ciri's location, you need to do a tour of the area, donning the mask whenever you find a spot with a particularly strong magical field. First, make sure that your mask is equipped in one of your pocket slots then follow Yennefer through the rain.

Use the Mask of Uroboros

Once Yennefer comes to a halt, use the mask and survey the unfolding scene. When the vision subsides, follow Yennefer again and take down the attacking foglet. As soon as it's safe to do so, don the mask once more to view the past. Follow Yennefer down the hill, kill the foglet and wear the mask again to watch the next vision. Immediately deal with the foglet that strikes, then follow Yennefer further along the trail. When instructed, use the mask again to view the final vision.

Speak with Yennefer and suggest locating the spot where the attacker landed. Wrap up the conversation with Ermion, then prepare to search the area.

Look for a body

Head to the spot marked on your mini-map and approach the fallen tree. When Ermion speaks again, explain why the Wild Hunt wants Ciri. You'll learn of the recent raid on the village of Lofoten.

Now that you have a new destination, either agree to meet Yennefer on the beach (giving you time to prepare for your imminent adventure) or tell her that you're ready to leave right now. If you're ready to leave immediately, Yennefer teleports you to straight to the outskirts of Lofoten, bringing the current quest to a close.

Missing Persons

Follow Yennefer to Lofoten

Keep close to Yennefer and make your way into the village, heading towards the small crowd gathered in the distance. After Yennefer has interrupted the ritual, ask the gathered women about the Wild Hunt, then press the old lady to tell you more.

Next, see if the group has information concerning Ciri's whereabouts, then find out more about the missing Craven. Work through the remaining dialogue options and promise to deal with Morkvarg. This adds In Wolf's Clothing to your secondary quest list. Finally, end the conversation.

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Secondary Quest: In Wolf's Clothing

Talk to Einar about the curse

Your next task is to locate the garden and speak to Craven. However, if you want to complete the In Wolf's Clothing secondary quest at the same time, you'll need to visit Einar to the east first. Activate the quest, summon Roach and follow the objective marker to the coast. On your arrival, locate Einar at the dock and speak to him. When you have the information you need, bring the conversation to a close.

Find the garden where the monster dwells

Mount your steed and follow the objective marker back toward the garden. Yennefer waits for you at the foot of the steps by the entrance. Note that reaching the garden completes the primary Missing Persons quest.

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