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The Witcher 3 - Pyres of Novigrad, Triss, King of Beggars, rat traps, witch hunters

How to finish the Pyres of Novigrad quest by teaming up with Triss, placing the rat traps correctly, and killing the witch hunters fast.

This page covers Pyres of Novigrad, Triss, King of Beggars, rat traps and witch hunters. If you're looking for more assistance, our Witcher 3 walkthrough can help.

Once you're ready to leave Velen and continue your search for Ciri, saddle up and begin the long journey north towards the mighty city of Novigrad. It's an enormous place, positively heaving with life, so spend a bit of time getting acquainted with your new surroundings when you arrive.

There are plenty of places willing to accept your hard-earned money, so don't forget to hunt out the local armourers, blacksmiths and merchants, and ensure that you're adequately equipped for the next leg of your adventure.

When you've had your fill of sightseeing, make your way to Triss' house, using the objective marker as a guide.

Pyres of Novigrad

As you pass through the main square on the way to your destination, you'll witness an ominous public display. Once the cut-scene is over, continue on to Triss' home. Sadly, it seems that Triss has moved away - engage the looters in conversation, and tell them that you merely want to talk. Work through the dialogue options to discover that Triss might be found in the Putrid Grove. Press for more information on the place and finish things up by speaking to the newcomer.

According to the looters you encountered, you'll need the assistance of a beggar or a thief to locate the Putrid Grove. You've two options next: either talk to the city's beggars about the King of Beggars or follow the thieves in the main square to the hideout entrance.

Before you do either, though, enter Triss' house and scour the place for loot. Make your way to the top floor and examine the desk near the bed and collect the Rose of Remembrance. When you're ready, leave the building and return to the square.

Find the King of Beggars

Talk with beggars about the King of Beggars

Head toward the objective marker to the south-west of the square and look for the beggar sitting on the wooden platform. Speak to him to learn the location of the King of Beggars' hideout, as well as the password required to gain entrance.

Find the King of Beggars' hideout

Now that you have the information you need, make your way to the hideout entrance, as indicated by the objective marker. Knock on the door and, when you're asked for the password, say “Old sow's farrowed piglets”.

Meet with the King of Beggars

Inside the Putrid Grove, pay a visit to the King of Beggars. Work you way through the conversation, then prepare to catch up with an old friend.

Explore the basement with Triss

Follow Triss

Tag alongside Triss as she wanders through the rain-slicked streets. Triss has some business to attend to, so accompany her to the collection point and offer to retrieve her missing supplies.

Enter the basement

Unfortunately, the city's guards prevent your departure through the front door, so you'll need to find an alternative exit. Loot the shop if you like, then open the trapdoor on the ground and head down to the basement.

Find the secret passage using your Witcher Senses, then open it

Immediately, you're ambushed by a Drowner so ready your sword and destroy it with a little help from Triss. With peace restored, spend a few moments looting the area - you'll find a pretty good steel sword in one of the crates, so it's definitely worth your while to have a good rummage around. Next, activate your Witcher Senses and look for the glowing brick on the central column in the largest part of the room. Push it to open the secret doorway nearby.

Follow Triss

Pass through the doorway and head out into the night air. Follow Triss along the water's edge and, when the cut-scene ends, prepare to go for a swim.

Find the lost parcel using your Witcher Senses

Hop into the water and begin swimming west to the area marked on your mini-map. Dive beneath the surface and activate your Witcher Senses. Close to the two discarded chests (which you should definitely loot in order to claim the master-crafted saddle), you'll find the remains of a wooden row boat. Swipe the leather sack lying next to it, return to Triss and hand over the parcel.

Follow Triss

With that spot of business taken care of, continue following Triss along the water's edge. Climb the ladder and cross the nearby bridge. Once you meet Triss' merchant friend, work your way through the dialogue options and decide how you want to be paid.

Lay the rat traps in the warehouse

Place rat traps around the warehouse - use your Witcher Sense to guide you

Your next task is slightly less glamorous than you might be expecting. Enter the warehouse and use your Witcher Senses to locate the perfect place to lay some rat traps. Begin by following the long corridor east, passing the wine barrels on your right. Examine the small hole at the end to place the first of the three traps.

Next, head down the steps to your left and examine the hole at the far end of the room to set trap number two. Finally, climb the steps to your left and continue forwards until you reach the small hall in the wall to your right. Examine it to lay the third trap.

Talk to Triss after she activates the spell

With the traps laid, Triss moves to the centre of the room and begins to work her magic. Head over and talk to her to progress the quest. Work your way through the dialogue options and ready for yourself for a fight once the merchant returns with a few friends in tow.

Our Witcher 3 walkthrough and guide can help you with the main story, including the Wandering in the Dark and Family Matters missions, and eventually, one of several Witcher 3 endings. There's plenty of side content, too, including Witcher 3 Contracts, White Orchard quests, Velen quests, Novigrad quests and Skellige Isles quests. Elsewhere, learn about the best Witcher 3 builds, the best Witcher 3 mods, how to make money in Witcher 3, find Places of Power locations, and learn how to do Witcher 3 crafting and Witcher 3 Alchemy And when you're done with all those - we can help you through expansions with our Hearts of Stone walkthrough and Blood and Wine walkthrough.

How to kill the witch hunters

Fight the thugs

You've three witch hunters to deal with next, so draw your sword and bring them down. They're not particularly tough opponents but you should keep moving to avoid being surrounded. Be mindful of the room around you too, as it's easy to get pinned in a corner if you're not careful.

Leave the warehouse

Once the witch hunters are defeated, leave the warehouse and claim your reward from the merchant. Take note of Triss' new lead and say your farewells in order to bring the current quest to a close.

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