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The Witcher 3 - Mystery of the Byways Murders: how to kill Sarasti, the Ekimmara

How to complete the Mystery of the Byways Murders, from exploring the underground elven tunnels, to killing the monster called Sarasti.

Pick up this Witcher Contract by making your way to the noticeboard located in Oreton. It's been put there by Milan Noran, who's concerned about some soldiers who have gone missing - presumed eaten by monsters - while out on a patrol. There's a handsome reward on offer for anyone who can bring back the head of the beast that's been killing them.

Make your way to Milan, who's with a bunch of soldiers by the blacksmith. Talk to him and try to barter if you wish, then listen to his story of how the patrol disappeared. You'll learn they were last seen in the southern part of Lake Wyndamer, and some nearby peasants in Byways have talked about a monster causing problems. Hmmm.

Head off to Byways to get more information. Ride your horse west, then along the southern side of the lake. As soon as you arrive, draw your weapon and deal with the ghouls that are causing a nuisance in the village. Now go north-west towards your next objective, and tell the villages the coast is clear.

You'll be approached by a man called Bytomir who explains that they've been plundered by the soldiers, and they only left when the ghouls showed up. Time to use your Witcher Senses to explore the scene a little more thoroughly.

First of all, inspect the corpses on the ground near where the ghouls were, then sniff the air to discover a new bloody trail. Follow it towards the building at the north edge of town, but you can't enter it yet as it's locked up. Bytomir will eventually explain that there are some ruins running underneath the village. Get the key so that you can head inside.

Raise the floorboards in the hut so you can access the ladder. Make your way down into the tunnels and look for a guard by the first torch. Activate your Witcher Senses and examine the body, which reveals the target creature as an Ekimmara. Keep heading further into the tunnels, and jump down when necessary.

You'll see more bodies littered around this next room, not to mention some unfortunate souls who have been hung up for decoration. Your job now is to fight the monster responsible for all of this madness: the Ekimmara Sarasti.

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How to kill Sarasti, the Ekimmara

This creature isn't too tough to beat, but you can help yourself by slopping some Vampire Oil onto your silver sword before you start whacking away. Igni's also good for wearing your opponent down, and you'll be glad you bought along a Devil's Puffball or two as well.

When you've beaten your opponent, take the ingredients off its festering body, as well as its head for a trophy. Make your way back to Byways and speak with Bytomir. Get your reward from him, then head back to Oreton to get your second reward from Milan Noran.

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