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The Witcher 3 - The White Lady: how to kill Luzi the Noonwraith, silver dagger

How to complete The White Lady contract, from finding Luzi's location, to tracking down a possession of hers, then killing her easily.

You can grab this next Contract by visiting the notice board that's to the south of Novigrad's walls, near the Portside and Glory Gates. Your task is to help the local peasants who are being tormented by a wraith that's haunting their fields and generally making a nuisance of itself. The locals can't harvest their food, so someone's going to have to kill the nightmarish creature - that's you.

Go and talk to Helma who's by the tanning rack just towards the south of the village. She'll tell you about Mico and friends, who are now lying in the fields distinctly dead. At this point you can try and renegotiate your payment if you wish to get more money for your efforts.

Next, get on your horse and make your way over towards the stone tower which is located to the south of your current location. Go into the orchard, then approach the camp fire and get off your horse. Use your Witcher Senses on the corpses and the bottles until your medallion pings to alert you to a nearby area of interest.

Head to the Ruins of Dragin Castle to find Luzi

Keep following the footprints using your Witcher Senses, as they head in a north-east direction. You'll go up a hill and approach the Ruins of Dragim Castle as you travel along the path. When you reach the ruins themselves, the footprints will end and you'll be able to see a massive puddle of blood on the floor. This will lead you into the castle's basement - and who wouldn't want to go poking around down there?

Anyway, keep walking down the wooden steps until you come to another corpse. Examine it thoroughly to discover that it was brought here by ghouls. In order to summon the noonwraith, however, you'll need to track down an object that belonged to her.

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How to get an object owned by Luzi

Make your way back to Helma in the town, and then tell her about what you've found and what it is you need to do to take things further. She'll inform you that the name of the creature you're about to tackle is Luzi, and her parents had promised her to an old city smith. When she discovered this news, she ran away and cut her wrists using a silver dagger. Helma gives you the dagger at this point, so you can continue with the quest.

How to kill Luzi the Noonwraith easily

Go back to that pile of corpses by the fire, and then get closer to it. Once you've placed the dagger onto the fire itself, you'll need to be ready to face down Luzi pretty soon after. To make life easier in this fight, Luzi - like all noonwraiths - is vulnerable to Moon Dust, Spectre Oil, the Yrden Sign and Dimeritium Bombs. Make liberal use of these combat bonuses to make light work of the fight.

Once the battle has ended, make sure you take any objects off the noonwraith's remains, as well as the trophy you need as your proof of victory. Get back on your horse, ride all the way home to Helma, hand over the proof, and then enjoy your hard-earned rewards.

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