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The Witcher 3 - On Thin Ice, Caranthir, Eredin, Tedd, Deireadh, The Final Age

How to complete the On Thin Ice quest, with tips and tricks for beating both Caranthir and Eredid in the final fight against the Wild Hunt.

With Ciri under your control again, immediately step out across the ice and focus your attention on the hounds and warriors nearby. As you'll no doubt notice, Ciri's power is surging through her veins, so you'll be able to defeat opponents with a single strike. Work your across the frozen water, following the objective marker along the way, and obliterate any members of the Wild Hunt that are foolish enough to cross your path.

On Thin Ice

Once you drop off the icy ledge, you'll come face-to-mask with Caranthir. At the start of the fight, he simply teleports around the area, attempting to clobber you with his staff from behind. Dodge out of the way then, once he's stopped flailing, rush in to attack. He's super-easy to bring down using Ciri's heightened powers, so don't expect much of a challenge.

How to kill Caranthir

When the first third of Caranthir's health has been depleted, things switch up a bit. After the cut-scene, you'll need to complete the fight as Geralt. This time, Caranthir focusses on using magical attacks. Rather than teleporting around incessantly, he'll toss magical projectiles in your direction - either one at a time or five at once. Thankfully, they're easily avoided by dodging and his spells can be interrupted if you run in and strike him quickly enough.

Once you've landed a few successful blows (preferably from behind), Caranthir teleports to a different part of the arena. Locate him quickly and continue attacking.

Before long, Caranthir adds a new trick to his arsenal: he'll open a portal above his head and summon an ice elemental to the fight. Luckily, these creatures aren't particularly tough, but you'll need to take them down before focusing your attention back on Caranthir. If you don't he'll continue summoning elementals into battle, making your task much harder than it needs to be.

Kill the elementals, hit Caranthir with everything that you've got and, once his health bar is almost empty, he'll start stumbling around the arena, struggling to catch his breath. Make the most of his misfortune and keep pummelling away until the elf is dead.

Swim to the surface

Once Caranthir is defeated, swim to the water's surface.

Board the Naglfar

Back on dry land, head up the nearby slope and drop off the ledge at the end. When you join your comrades, begin charging forwards toward the objective marker. You needn't worry about the enemies attacking around you - just keep pushing onward, climbing steps and dropping off ledges, until you near your destination. Once you pass through the fog, take a left and approach the makeshift bridge leading onto the deck of the Naglfar.

Kill Eredin

At last, it's time to deal with Eredin and finish the Wild Hunt off once and for all. The first part of the fight is remarkably straightforward, it turns out. As you dash around the deck, Eredin will constantly teleport behind you, attempting to skewer you with his sword. As soon as he materialises, quickly dodge out of the way to avoid taking damage (you should always prime a shield spell in advance, just in case your reflexes fail you), then dodge back in and pile on the pain.

Always aim your attacks to the side or rear, however, as Eredin can block pretty much anything you throw at him from the front. Additionally, consider casting Igni at him to melt his ice armour, enabling your strikes to deal more damage.

Once you've got the elf's health down a little, he opens a portal and pulls you through, resuming the battle high on a windswept clifftop. Here, Eredin adds a few spells to his arsenal, and strengthens his usual teleport-to-the-rear-and-attack trick with longer combos.

Firstly, he's able to rain giant rocks down from above. When this happens, look for the glowing circles on the floor that signify the imminent areas of impact, then dodge around them. His second spell causes small magical spheres to materialise where you're standing - and you've only got a few seconds to dodge away from them before they explode.

His final spell, meanwhile, causes a single- or multi-pronged magical shockwave to shoot along the ground, spreading out as it moves towards you. Usually, he'll beam to the opposite end of the arena to begin this one, so watch his position and quickly dodge between the prongs as they approach.

The good news is that Eredin doesn't move around while he's casting his spells. As such, if you can reach him quickly, you've a few precious moments in which to attack unhindered.

Once Eredin's health is almost completely drained, he'll teleport back to the Naglfar. Pass through the portal then land a couple more blows to bring the fight (and the quest) to an end.

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Tedd Deireadh, The Final Age

Follow Yennefer

As soon as you rejoin Yennefer back on dry land, work through the dialogue options then follow her through the camp. Pass out into the countryside and avoid the flaming debris that tumbles from the sky. Mount a horse when instructed, then head up the nearby hill. Stay close to Yennefer and begin winding through the trees, ignoring the numerous hostile creatures in the area.

Once Yennefer dismounts, climb up onto the rock ledge and wait. As soon as she casts her spell, begin running again - ensuring that you keep Geralt inside the protective sphere. Deal with the hound that materialises (trying to stay within the spell's radius), then continue working your way down the mountainside.

Another hound appears a little way on, so deal with it quickly then push forward. Once you reach the tower, slip through the tear in the magical barrier.

Get to the elven tower

On the other side, follow the path up toward the tower and approach the strange, shimmering portal at the top of the stone steps. When Avallac'h surrenders, work through the conversation options and decide how you wish to respond to Ciri's news.

The choices you made throughout your adventure determine what happens next as Ciri enters the portal - so sit back and enjoy the ending that you earned…

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