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The Resident Evil 2 remake deluxe edition has a cool nod to the scrapped Resident Evil 1.5

Elza Walker finally gets her shot.

Capcom's revealed the gubbins in the deluxe edition of the Resident Evil 2 remake - and it includes some cool fan service.

The £52.99 deluxe edition of the game includes the Extra DLC Pack, which itself includes a raft of costumes.

One of these, for Claire, is the Elza Walker costume. Elza Walker was the original protagonist of Capcom's scrapped Resident Evil 2, dubbed Resident Evil 1.5. She was a motorcycle racer and Raccoon University student who would have ended up embroiled in the zombie outbreak if she wasn't scrapped alongside the game in favour of Claire in what would become Resident Evil 2.

Here's an image of Elza Walker:

And the image, below, shows how Claire looks wearing the Elza Walker costume in Resident Evil 2 remake. Finally, Elza gets her shot!

Elza Walker isn't the only cool costume in the DLC. The military outfit for Claire makes her look like she's a member of S.T.A.R.S., the Arklay Sheriff outfit for Leon makes him look like Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead, and Leon's noir outfit makes him look like Sebastian Castellanos from The Evil within. Claire's noir outfit is giving me Smooth Criminal vibes. Here's the lot:

And here's a cool addition: the Extra DLC Pack lets you swap in the original game's soundtrack.

For more on Resident Evil 2 remake, be sure to check out Martin's feature based on a hands-on session and interview at Tokyo Game Show.

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