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The Red Star for Europe

From Take-Two in April.

Take-Two has announced it will bring comic-book inspired tale, The Red Star, to European PS2s on 6th April, 2007.

Based on Christian Gossett's accomplished yarn, it tells the story of a chaotic parallel universe drenched in arcane magic, industrial technology, and warfare. You'll play as one of three Russian-inspired soldiers, who battle the evil forces of Dark Lord Imbohl for their lives and liberty.

The Red Star will blend melee combat and "old school" shooting in either single-player or co-op action, with unlockable characters and gameplay modes lending longevity to the experience.

"The Red Star is an accomplished and exciting title that we’re thrilled to be bringing to gamers," said James Ellingford, international managing director of Take-Two. "Its unique combination of combat and shooter gameplay styles and the rich universe of its comic book heritage delivers an experience unrivalled on PlayStation 2."

The game will be created in conjunction with XS Games, and will be priced around GBP 19.99.

Head over to Eurogamer TV for the latest trailer of the game, or check out our gallery for the latest screenshots. Alternatively you can trek over to the game's website for more information - though it's rather sparse at the moment.

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