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The Razer Barracuda X wireless gaming headset is just £50

Sounds as good as it looks.

When choosing a new gaming headset you want it to have good sound quality, a proper microphone, and be comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. You can choose to go further and opt for something with better audio drivers or a headset that's super lightweight, but you might also want something with a nice aesthetic.

Razer produces a wide range of gaming accessories that deliver excellent performance while also looking really good in your setup. Razer gaming accessories can usually be pretty affordable too, especially when on sale.

One of Razer's products that absolutely hits that brief is the Barracuda X Wireless headset, which has great sound quality, an excellent detachable microphone, and looks absolutely amazing in the all-white version which is down to £50 at Currys right now.

Razer Barracuda X Wireless headset- £50 at Currys (was £70)

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The Barracuda X is certainly a looker, thanks to that all-white style that Razer has perfected on so many of their products. Its lightweight build is complemented by breathable memory foam ear cushions and swivelling earcups- making the headset super practical. The cardioid mic is also detachable so you can easily take the Barracudas with you and show them off anywhere.

Whether you're taking them outside to use with your phone, or keeping them inside for use with your PC, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch, the 20-hour battery life and USB-C charging will make sure that you won't be caught without sound whatever you're doing. The Barracuda connects to these devices wirelessly via a USB-C dongle that also has a USB-A extender.

That sound quality is really good too, thanks to the RazerTriForce 40mm Drivers which help to deliver good highs, mids and lows that don't muddy, providing deeper gaming immersion and a more dynamic listening experience for music and videos. You can control your media easily too with the on-headset controls.

The Barracuda X is an excellent all-rounder headset that punches above its weight for a £50 headset, and is one of the best looking headsets around right now. If you're looking for more Razer products to match the Barracuda style, Currys has the DeathAdder Essential gaming mouse in white for just £20.

You can also browse all of Razer's mercury collection on their store to find everything to complete your gaming setup. Make sure you're following the Jelly Deals Twitter account, where we're always letting you know when there's a deal on Razer products, as well as discounts on loads of other gaming accessories.

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