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The Pokémon Company continues to ignore extensive Arceus leaks

Today teases new Starter evolutions.

Bless you, The Pokémon Company. Despite widespread leaks which have splashed Pokémon Legends: Arceus' story and full Pokédex across the internet, today's new press release about the game pretends everything is fine.

With just a couple of days until launch, today brings one final trailer for Legends Arceus - which you can view below. There's not an awful lot in it we've not seen before.

An accompanying press release also teases silhouettes of the game's evolutions for its three Starter Pokémon: Rowlett, Cyndaquil and Oshawott. These historic final evolutions are new to the franchise, only available in Arceus' region of Hisui.

Never mind the fact these creatures' existence is now widely known, and the subject of hundreds of YouTube videos over the past week, or shown in hours of gameplay broadcast on Twitch from early copies.

Retail copies of the game appeared out in the wild last week, leading to its files inevitably being ripped and spread online.

But leaks surrounding the game have continued for months - with several new species rumoured long before their official reveals.

Eurogamer has chosen not to post any spoilers surrounding the game.

In the face of all that, The Pokémon Company's tease of these new Starter evolutions via their silhouettes seems cute - especially after revealing so little of the game until now. But, here we go:

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